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The Improbable Is Possible

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

At 30+ days of voluntary quarantine for the greater good, it seems a bit surreal to me. Somewhat dreamlike because while many would have thought something like this is possible in theory, it is really happening. The improbable has struck. So, if you have been putting off getting your “what if” paperwork in order, now would be a great use of the extra downtime.

Making this even a better idea now is that the Probate courts are closed, so many attorneys have more availability. The process can be done virtually via phone, videoconference, and email. By the time quarantine ends, you could have all your completed documents in hand ready for notarization.

There is different terminology for some of these documents and your specific situation should be discussed with your attorney. For a deeper dive, this might prove helpful. Do not let the AARP address make you think these documents only apply to older people. If you are over eighteen, married or single, you need to have some or all these documents in place. AARP Estate Article by Suze Orman It is a short and sweet easy read.

Here is a great resource to find an attorney at the National Association of Elder Law Attorneys NAELA Website or San Diego County Bar Association website

Another great resource to help get the ball rolling is from a great organization called The Five Wishes and you can get started here The Five Wishes

Do it today. The improbable is possible. It can be done virtually and safely. Get something positive from our current adversity.

Take Care. Stay Positive. Do what you can.

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