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Aging in place is the preferred solution as people age. Living where and how you want to live is a key measure for quality of life. Balancing risks and rewards is an important part of personal freedom.


Simple bill pay services coupled with screening helpers that come into the home can make aging in place a more stable solution.

We will help you by providing proven ways to reduce risk, provide unbiased information about options and help to secure available financial resources. 

Your cash and your assets provide you options and a higher quality of life. All too often con artists and trusted advisors rip off the people least able to absorb the losses. 


Bill pay services and daily money management help ensure that that your resources are conserved and protected. Free and simple things like how you structure your bank accounts will help to make you less vulnerable to financial abuse.


Do not wait until you are ill or impaired and become a victim of a financial predator.

High quality health care is key to maintaining a high quality of life. Good health provides you choices and helps to conserve financial  resources. 

The medical system is overburdened and often insurance companies are determining the care that you receive.


All to often, seniors are not taken seriously when they become ill.  Case management provides you with effective advocacy to ensure that you receive appropriate, quality healthcare.

Professional Services

  • Aging in Place Assistance

  • Bill Pay & Daily Money Management

  • Health Care Advocacy

  • Agent under Power of Attorney

  • Case Management

  • Conservatorship / Guardianship

  • Estate and Trust Administration

  • Special Needs Trust Administration

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